Nominated for NH Teacher of the Year

Two Hampstead Educators nominated for NH Teacher of the Year
Posted on 06/14/2022
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Kara Gordon

Hampstead Central School


Jennifer Howard

Hampstead Middle School

New Hampshire Department of Education Celebrates the nominees for 2023 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year
"I tell everyone that I am so blessed to have the best job in the world. To be able to love what you do is truly a blessing. To have a voice to share the positivity and even the struggles of this profession could help to guide changes that would be in the best interest of our children as we guide them through their educational journey."
"My classroom environment, expectations, and overall sense of learning lean more twards a sense of community, helpfullness, ad engagement instead of high grades. I see my classroom as a venue for meaningful conversations, productive debates, lots of questioning, and many connections.  When the students engage in these - they are successful."
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