1 to 1 Chromebook Program

The Hampstead School District began implementing a 1 to 1 Chromebook program beginning in the fall of 2013. The program began by issuing a device to the 5th grade students that would travel with them throughout their 8th grade year. The program continued throughout the succeeding years until all middle school students had devices to use in class each day. In the fall of 2015, students in 6th-8th grade were given the opportunity to take their devices home. Remote content filtering was put into place to maintain a safe browsing environment for students at home as well as at school. Parents must sign the check out form in order for students to take the device home. In 2018, carts were placed in 4th grade classrooms to provide 1 to 1 access. In the fall of 2019 carts will be added to the 3rd grade classrooms to provide 1 to 1 access in grade 3 as well. 

Important Information

  • All Chromebooks are the property of the Hampstead School District. Students are not allowed to bring personal computer devices from home. 
  • All the Chromebook devices are monitored and managed by the Hampsteadschools.net Google administrative management system, even though they are off of the Hampstead network.
  • Families may be liable for a replacement fee if the device is lost (take home only) or damaged beyond repair. (In accordance with School Board  policy JICB)
  • Chromebooks are issued for the express purpose of enhancing the approved curriculum. Websites and services that distract from this purpose may be blocked from student use.